About the School

The Fort

Fort Garrison Elementary was named after a historic landmark, Fort Garrison, also known as Oldton's Garrison
, Oulton's Garrison, or Risteau’s Garrison, built in 1693. In 1694, John Oldton was commissioned to lead a company of Rangers from this garrison on the frontier of Baltimore County. Oldton's Company of Rangers existed from 1694 to 1698 with the responsibility of patrolling for travelers without legal passes, defending the area against French and Indian raids (none of which occurred), and clearing roads. Remnants of these "garrison roads" are well-known today, such as Old Court Road, Joppa Road, and Reisterstown Road. The garrison was also in use from 1700-1749 and 1750-1799.

In 1964, Kathy Kelly, a 6th grade student at Fort Garrison Elementary, wrote a letter to President Johnson requesting his help to preserve the landmark.

In 1971, the building was registered in the National Register of Historic Places. The garrison is still standing today in the school's residential community and is open to the public a few times a year.

For more information on Oldton's Company of Rangers and Fort Garrison, visit www.baltimorerangers.org.


The school is nestled in the northwestern section of
Baltimore County, approximately one mile outside of the Baltimore Beltway, Interstate 695. 

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Fort Garrison Elementary opened its door to students in 1961.  Today the school prides itself as being a part of a well-established community.  Proud and supportive parents are interested and
involved in the school program.


Approximately 300 students attend Fort Garrison Elementary School.  The school offers a stimulating program for students from kindergarten through fifth grade. There is a regional Integrated Model program (formerly CLS) and an OGE Pre-K program at the school as well.

In addition to the comprehensive and special education classroom programs, Fort Garrison provides students with art, vocal music, instrumental music, library, and physical education programs. 

Technology education is an integral part of the instructional program at Fort Garrison. All students are issued a Chromebook device as a tool to help them access curricular resources and create multimedia products. 


The professional staff is composed of twelve classroom teachers, six special education teachers, six instructional assistants, several additional adult assistants, two administrators, and special area teachers for art, vocal and instrumental music, physical education, and library media. The school counselor, social emotional learning teacher, reading specialist, occupational therapist, ESOL teacher, and speech/language pathologists provide support services to our students. A full time school nurse monitors the health of the students. Our staff includes an administrative secretary, a clerical assistant, cafeteria manager, cafeteria helpers, a building service supervisor, and custodians.


The Advanced Academic Program is available to students at Fort Garrison who meet the screening criteria. Special education teachers coordinate and implement the program for children with learning differences. There are various after school clubs offered throughout the year through Parks and Recreation. There are fees for the extended day programs.            


Fort Garrison Elementary School is a Maryland Green School. Fort Garrison has an active volunteer program, involving parents, grandparents, and community members. The PTA is a very active and committed organization that sponsors many activities which benefit our students and the school.