At Home SEL Activities

At home activities that promote SEL:


Calm down bottles (great for emotion management, coping skills and body awareness)

Supplies needed:

      • Recycled water bottle
      • Water
      • Clear glue
      • Food coloring
      • Glitter

1. Fill water bottle with room temperature water leaving about two inches not filled with water  

2. Add about an inch of CLEAR glue (does not have to be exact)

3. Add 2-3 drops of food coloring

4. Add as much glitter as you want using a funnel. (Note: if you add too much glitter, it will take longer to settle.) 

5. Shake it up!

(great for sensory input, anxiety reduction and FUN!)

Supplies needed:

      • 4 cups of flour
      • 1 cup of salt
      • 4 tablespoons of cream of tarter
      • 4 tablespoons of vegetable oil
      • 3 cups of VERY hot water
      • Food coloring (optional)

1. Combine flour, salt, and cream of tarter

2. Add the oil

3. Slowly stir in hot water

4. Stir and knead until well-combined and slightly sticky

5. Add drops of food coloring and knead

6. Add handfuls of flour as needed and knead on a flat surface

7. Enjoy!

      • Store in a Ziploc bag at room temperature or in the refrigerator (usually lasts for a week)
      • You can cut this recipe in half if you do not want a ton.

      Infographic about SEL Movies

      Image created by The Responsive Counselor